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March 13, 2011


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Bhutani was suffering from bouts of depression for the last 3 years. Allopathic treatment had only dulled her sensitivity. Clinical tests had shown no abnormality. From outer appearance, there was no cause of mental depression. She had a loving husband with a reasonably good social and financial standing, good and healthy children.
But she was not happy. Her eldest daughter was married to a gentleman who had a very uncertain temperament. Sometimes he was of sweet temperament, at others hebecame violent. Sometimes he was glad to receive his inlaws in his house, at others he would detest their company and would not let his wife go to her parent’s home.
Mrs. Bhutani was much worried about the girl, although she had been assured from all reports that the girl was quite happy in her home and her husband was caring for her.    No arguments or persuations could convince
Mrs. Bhutani that in our Indian society, the duty of the girl’s parents ceases when the girl is married and. joins her new home. Besides, when the girl was settled comfortably in her husband’s house, why should the parents bother? Mrs Bhutani was given a combination of (1) Chicory for her possessiveness towards her married daughter and (2) Red Chestnut for her fear & over-anxiety for others. She felt relief after 3 days and the medicine given T.D.S for 2 months changed her temperament and she no longer suffered from depression.

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