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January 16, 2011


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Hence, if you give someone medication to change his mood from depression to elation, the depressed process may or may not disappear. If it is time for the person to change his mood and to combat these moods, then the medication will also correspond to a change in behavior. If, however, the person’s dreams and process of individuation want that depression for some particular reason, then medication will not work in a causal fashion because of the somatic-psychic coupling.
If you give medication to quiet down a highly aggressive patient, the medication will work only if the patient himself needs a pause from this aggression. But if the patient needs to learn how to use this aggression more consciously, he may not even take the medication in the first place.
Thus, the concept of channels and their couplings helps Us to understand why it is that medication sometimes works and sometimes does not. Working only in one channel, changing proprioception through pills, body work or jogging without considering the situation in other channels, like vision or relationship, could even be dangerous. I remember the case of one patient who had fits of negativity towards everyone. His medication helped him to get along better with others, but then, in a fit of anger, he threw himself through one of the windows of his mental hospital. That negativity needed expression and should have been worked with in relationships.
The existence of coupled effects has long been recognized in the physical sciences. We need only imagine a thermoelectric effect, for example. In physics, heat is one macroscopic process, while the flow of electricity is another. Heat up a certain material, and instead of it getting warmer, it may emit electricity and light up a bulb. Or think of another process in which you press a material and it gets warmer! Heating up a piece of material does not necessarily mean that it is going to get warmer! By the same token, giving someone psychopharmica does not necessarily mean that his mood is going to change, especially if there are coupled processes involved.

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