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June 21, 2011


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The fascinating thing about this force is, as I discovered over the years, that it actually determines the wear and tear of all the relevant structures as mentioned above. Thus if a disc degenerates and bulges or ruptures, it is most likely that it does so because of weakness of this vital anti-gravitational force. For the spinal discs and joints, nothing matters more than this force because the lack of it puts strain on them and the abundance of it relieves them from tension, creating flexibility and well-being.Another fascinating aspect is that this anti-gravitational vital force can be increased through specific massages (passive treatment) and yogic exercises (active treatment). These treatments form an integral part of the Ali Technique for Backache. Most people who do spinal or general exercises, increase the general tone of muscles which form a minor part of the anti-gravitational force, indeed might actually increase it like guy ropes. Increase in posture-controlling muscle tone, however, relieves pain and removes some pressure from the affected or damaged discs, giving much needed relief in backache.This force is weakened by a series of factors ranging from bad posture to fatigue to excess body weight with sluggish muscles. The reduction of this force leads to increased pressure on the spinal joints and discs, which in turn lead to inflammation of their surfaces causing pain and discomfort.*56\330\8*

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