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March 10, 2010

Understanding Immune-System Tests- Total Lymphocytes

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Lymphocytes are the T- and B-cells, special kinds of white blood cells associated with your body’s lymph tissue. When the laboratory sends the results of your blood tests to your physician, it will tell him what the WBC count is and what percentage of those are lymphocytes. We doctors simply multiple the WBC by the percentage of lymphocytes to determine the number of lymphocytes.
Let’s say your WBC is approximately 7,000 per cc of blood, and the percentage of lymphocytes is 30 percent:
7,000 WBC
x .3 .3 = 30% lymphocytes
2,100 Number of lymphocytes per cc of blood
Results: In healthy people, the lymphocyte count should be greater than 2,500. One-third of malnourished patients have counts between 1,500 and 2,500. Less than 1,500 is associated with greater death rates in surgical and other medical patients. Some people who have counts of less than 1,200 have no obvious disease, but they don’t feel good. I have seen many chronically ill patients with lymphocyte counts of 1,000 or less. Low lymphocyte counts are associated with immune system problems.

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