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March 10, 2010

Meditation For Anxiety Disorders Treatment-The Release Of Stress

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Each meditation session should be for twenty minutes. In the case of meditation, more is not necessarily better. Within the twenty minutes, accumulated stress and emotions are being released. It is better if this release is done slowly and gradually. If our meditation time is extended, it is possible that feelings such as grief, sadness or anger, of which we were unaware, may arise. As I said, it will sometimes ‘throw out a file’ for us to look at.
On rare occasions this may happen during the twenty-minute sessions. If it does and if we feel distressed, we can reduce the meditation time to ten minutes, gradually building back up to twenty minutes. It is better to cut down the length of meditation time than to stop meditating altogether.
After twelve or eighteen months of regular meditation, session times can be slowly extended up to an hour. The releasing process is an ongoing one, but with experience people are able to understand and not become hesitant if they experience a release of feelings or emotions. Many people actually cultivate such releases because they see how beneficial they are in the long term.
The daily practice of meditation does require discipline, but we shouldn’t feel guilty if we miss a meditation session. Missing one or two sessions happens to everyone. Only after days or weeks without meditating should we seriously question our motivation

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