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March 10, 2010

Meditation For Anxiety Disorders Treatment-Learning To Let Go

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In meditation, as in any relaxation technique, the first requirement is to let the relaxation process happen. It means not only letting go of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, but letting go of our control. As I have already discussed in chapter three, our need to be in control of ourselves and our environment is one of the major factors in the perpetuation of the disorder. Letting go of this control is essential to recovery.
Some of us find the prospect of letting go in meditation quite fearful. It can be too frightening even to think about it. We may think that by letting go we will lose control, and all our worst fears will come true. This is not the case. By letting go we are actually gaining control, not losing it.
Sometimes we may experience a ‘surge’ attack during meditation. If this or other types of attacks happen in meditation, the secret is to let them happen. Not to fight them, but let them come. We keep our mind focused on our meditation technique. Although this may seem frightening as you read this, in actuality it isn’t frightening. When you let the attack happen and keep focused on your meditation, the attack will move through your body and disappear as quickly as it came. This is taking back the power.
It may take some time for people to gain the confidence to begin to let go of their control. Other people are able to let go within meditation immediately, and as they let go they can meditate naturally and easily. This is the beginning of full recovery. It is a very important step, because meditation teaches us that it is all right to let go of the control we are trying so hard to maintain. As we let go of this control we realise our major fears don’t come true, and as our practice continues over time we begin to understand why they never will.

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